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Latest Sports Cars: Four New Features and Trends

Dec 29th 2013, 10:49 pm
Posted by sorobin1
The sports car is most closely associated with wealth, prestige and luxurious lifestyle. Many people who are willing to know more about them are looking for definition of their basic features.

Luxurious design is not equal to the blend of extremely fast speed and strength. A real fast sprinter features aggressive appearance and eye-catching body. Nevertheless what you can find out under the hood makes the automobile an authentic fast sprinter Some of the critical features are - the mixture of pounds and horsepower, seats or doors.

1. Weight and Horsepower Ratio Comparison

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The measurement "weight and power" is really important. It uncovers the exact capability of the vehicle. Speaking about fastest road going cars it is crucial to point out the excellent combination of accelerating and shifting. Low weight to power proportion is an indicator for car's impressive performance.

One of the very popular sports two-seaters Ferrari Italia 458 has been created with a great balance of weight and horsepower. But as stated by the car experts the best is the Porsche 911 Grand tourer 2, with a 2.2 kilograms/hp relation.

We hope that now you are convinced that the weight to power measurement is the most fundamental for the definition of the rocket cars.

2. Motor Output

The powerful engine is the heart of a true fast car. The very best Illustration is the Bugatti Veyron Vitesse. This road legal car propels thanks to the 1200 hp coming from a W16 powertrain. The Crand Tourismo edition of Hennessey Venom is actually close to the output of 1200 hp thanks to the power coming from a turbocharged V powertrain.

3. Fast Acceleration

The time needed to hit 62 mph is actually fundamental detail of the fast and quick vehicle. McLaren MC-12C is an illustration of an automobile that produces exceptional power. Most of the popular classic fast cars are not as quick as this British super sports car. The quickest hypercar is in fact 2013 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse.
4. Number of Doors
The two-seater is seldom the only men`s vehicle. That is why we do not have to blame him for choosing a "selfish" car for only two passengers.

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